Company History

At Esther Formula, we have experienced remarkable growth by strategically targeting the expansive consumer market since 2017. Our success is rooted in the powerful combination of consumer consultations and personalized nutritional prescriptions, honed over a decade since our establishment in 2006.


ESTHER FORMULA Phase 1. Face-to-Face/Niche Consumer Market

Esther Formula Established.

Introduction of Esther Formula's company mall, Esther Mall.

Expansion into K-Farms, a prominent pharmacy distribution chain.

Entered CJmall, the largest online shopping mall in Korea.
Entered GS Home Shopping, a Korean home shopping broadcast channel.

Pioneering launch of Korea's first lactobacillus 10 billion CFU single product.

Presence established in Shinsegae Department Store, Gangnam.

Unveiling of a premium brand exclusively tailored for department stores.

Breakthrough introduction of 'Skin Care Formula,' a KFDA-certified product promoting skin health.

Launch of 'Hepa Care Balance,' a KFDA-certified product supporting liver health.

Expanded reach in Shinsegae Department Store, Gangnam branch.

Debut of 'Esther Lactobacillus' on CJ OSHOPIM & Home & Shopping, Korea's first home shopping broadcast channel.

Launch of 'Esther Lactobacillus' on NS Home Shopping, a renowned Korean home shopping broadcast channel.

Milestone achievement of 2,000,000 bottles sold for Esther Lactobacillus.

Market entry into Shinsegae Department Store, Busan Centum City.

Accomplishment of 3,000,000 bottles sold for Esther Lactobacillus.

Celebration of reaching an impressive milestone: 5,000,000 bottles sold for Esther Lactobacillus.


ESTHER FORMULA Phase 2. Targeting online/Large Consumer Markets

Unveiling of 'Phyto Omega Plus D1000IU,' a highly sought-after vegetable omega-3 product, selling at a rate of 1,117 boxes per minute.
Surpassed annual sales of KRW 40 billion.

Reached a significant milestone with Esther Formula's company mall membership surpassing 100,000.

Continued growth with annual sales exceeding KRW 45 billion.
Remarkable achievement of 8,000,000 bottles sold for Esther Lactobacillus.

Exceptional performance with a remarkable 150% sales growth rate.
Annual sales soared beyond KRW 65 billion.
'Esther Lactobacillus' secured the prestigious Korea Consumer Loyalty Grand Prize No.1.
'Esther Lactobacillus' recognized as the Korea Brand of the Year No.1.
Successful launch of 'M.D. Esther Young Collagen,' a certified functional collagen product, witnessing five sell-outs.
Introduction of 'Esther Elastin Original,' Korea's first product containing elastin, the elastic fiber of the skin dermis, with three sell-outs.
Continued expansion of Esther Formula's company mall membership, surpassing 300,000.
Entry into GS Convenience Store, Korea's largest convenience store chain.
Partnership with Olive Young, Korea's largest drugstore.

Monumental achievement of selling 10,000,000 bottles for Esther Lactobacillus.
Proud recipient of the brand customer loyalty grand prize No.1 for 'Esther Lactobacillus'.
Acclaimed as the brand customer loyalty grand prize No.1 for 'M.D. Esther Young Collagen'.

Our journey at Esther Formula is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to continually serving you with exceptional products and experiences.