Fermented Castanea Crenata Shell Yulpi Diet Fat Loss Weight Management Supplements

100% domestically produced fermented Castanea Crenata Shell 1000mg
Body fat reduction functionality

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Our formula aids in reducing body fat and abdominal fat, while also helping to quench thirst caused by diabetes.

These supplements also provide additional benefits such as inhibiting cytokines, reducing reactive oxygen species, and promoting skin whitening and anti-aging effects.

Take control of your health and feel confident in your skin with our all-natural supplements.

Fermented Castanea Effect:

1. Reduction of body fat and abdominal fat.
2. Quench thirst caused by diabetes.
3. Inhibits cytokines secreted from mast cells and inhibits the production of reactive oxygen species.
4. Effective in skin whitening by inhibiting the formation of skin melanin, and inhibits skin aging by increasing the skin regeneration effect and controlling the removal of dead skin cells and sebum formation.

Fermented Castanea Net Contents:

51g (850 mg x 60 tablets).

Fermented Castanea Intake method:

Take 2 tablets once a day with plenty of water.

Fermented Castanea Package Dimensions: 

80 x 60 x 97 (mm)

Fermented Castanea Weight : 

95 g

Fermented blood extract powder {fermented blood extract powder (domestic), maltodextrin}, vitamin E mixed preparation {dl-α-tocopheryl acetate, modified starch (sodium octenyl succinate starch), glucose syrup powder, silicon dioxide}, nicotinic acid amide , zinc oxide, vitamin A mixed preparation {oil-based vitamin A fatty acid ester, glucose syrup powder, gum arabic, corn starch, vitamin E (dl-α-tocopherol)}, calcium pantothenate, vitamin D3 mixed preparation {vitamin D3, sucrose, arabic Gum, corn starch, medium chain triglyceride oil, silicon dioxide, vitamin E (dl-α-tocopherol)}, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin B1 nitrate, vitamin B2, white kidney bean extract powder (from India), mixed fruit and vegetable powder (dextrin, sucrose) , pineapple juice, apple juice, mango juice, orange juice, pear juice, tangerine juice, carrot juice, apricot juice, corn starch, glucose syrup, melon juice, white grape juice, peach juice, plum juice, banana pulp, lemon juice, passion fruit. Fruit juice, tomato paste, kiwi pulp, pumpkin pulp, strawberry pulp, pea pulp, broccoli pulp, guava pulp, cabbage juice, cherry juice, button mushroom juice, new beet juice, spinach pulp, raspberry juice (from Switzerland), L-carnitine Tartrate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, whey powder, calcium carbonate mixture (calcium carbonate, modified starch), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, crystalline cellulose, gardenia yellow pigment, glycerin fatty acid ester, lacquer color / Contains milk, peach, tomato

Cosmax Bio Co., Ltd. / 30 Biovalley 3-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

- Those who want a healthy diet while taking vitamins and minerals
- Those who are considering starting a diet
- Those experiencing a diet slump
- Those who have difficulty controlling their food intake
- Those who enjoy late-night snacks
- Those who frequently consume instant food
- Those who enjoy a carbohydrate diet

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