I believe that functional health foods contribute to human health.

I have been weak since I was young. I always suffered from fatigue and often missed school due to illness here and there. Continued fatigue, pain, and lethargy even though you are medically diagnosed as “No problem.” I found the solution to this discomfort in nutrition.

When I was a practicing doctor, I listened to the words of patients who came to me over and over again. This is because I wanted to understand the pain my patients were experiencing before diagnosing them. And I have actually seen many people regain their vitality by improving their nutritional intake.

I realized that seeking medical treatment at a hospital is not the only way to contribute to your health.

When I closed the hospital and no longer had the conditions to fully provide treatment as I wanted, I decided that delivering the best nutrient combination I could would contribute to the health of more people than if I sat in the hospital and received treatment.

The reason I took on the position of CEO despite having no business experience was simply because of my promise not to do anything embarrassing to everyone who saw me. When I founded Esther Formula, all products were formulated while remembering each and every patient I treated, as well as myself, my children, and my family when I was young.

I will prove this to everyone who knows me as a doctor with products that are not embarrassing.

The only abilities I believe in are honesty and preventative medicine knowledge.

No matter how much I review and check research papers, and even if I update reports of the latest papers every day, I can only be directly responsible for one of the three factors that determine the quality of health functional foods: formulation, raw materials, and manufacturing.

For this reason, the selection of raw materials and manufacturers always refers to objective evaluation standards.

We first refer to the stock rankings of consumer groups and professional media such as Consumer Lab and Nutrition Business Journal, and then reexamine them through the 18 evaluation criteria of Dr. Lyle McWilliam, who evaluated over 1,500 health functional foods.

Never compromising on quality is the promise I can give you.

Since I first started my business, I have tried to entrust the areas for which I am not directly responsible to the world's best experts, and I have continued to do so to this day. This is why Esther Formula products come from different manufacturers.

I promise, under my name, that I will never compromise on quality.