Brand Story


I have a belief that supplements certainly contribute to people's health.


I've been weak since I was young. I always suffered from fatigue and was frequently absent due to illness.


Even without a specific disease, why should one endure the hardships of being sick? I found the answer in nutrition. Over the course of 20 years, I have witnessed many individuals regain their appetite and vitality through genuine supplements. This inspired me to leave the hospital and create the brand <Esther Formula>. 'Esther' is my name, and 'formula' represents the combination of ingredients.


Despite having no prior experience in the business industry, I assumed the role of CEO because I wanted to take full responsibility for all the products sold under the Esther Formula brand. I began developing products that I deemed safe enough to give to my own children. Furthermore, I believe it is my duty to repay consumers with high-quality products since everything is being sold under my name.


That is precisely why Esther Formula collaborates with different manufacturers for each product. We work with companies known for producing the finest products in each nutrient category. For instance, our multivitamin products come from Douglas, which has received top-rated evaluations from the US Consumer Lab. Our probiotic products are sourced from Metagenics, recognized as the No. 1 professional product brand by the Nutrition Business Journal. We firmly believe that offering the best quality is the only way to reward consumers. We are committed to never compromising on quality.

Thank you.


r. Esther Lyuh