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  • Review on film

    Glutathione film is very innovative product. You can easily consume and carry around without any burden. I feel like my overall skin tone has brighten up for sure after taking it for around 40+ days.

  • Review on fat blocekr

    Garcinia fat blocker was one of the booster for my weight loss project. I felt it was more effective because I exercised when consuming this product. I am planning to buy more before I finish the product.

  • Review on elastin

    Elastin white is such a tasty product. I enjoy eating it like a snack and it really have effect on my skin. My skin got glowy and brigthened up after consuming it for like 3 months. Cam to re-purchase.

  • Review on green cut

    I first bought on;y one bottle with other products, but it seems to be effective, and lead me to my third purchase. It helps a lot with smoothen bowel movments and make my body feel lighter. Above all, I lost 2 kg in weight.

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Do not wiat longer to test the most effective dietary supplements absorbed through oral mucosa

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DNA extracted from the testes of salmon shows a similarity of over 95% to human DNA, making it a highly human-compatible component

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Established in 2009

  • Dr.Esther Lyuh

    medicine specialist, doctor of preventive medicine, graduated from Seoul National Univ. and a CEO herself

  • Korea No.1

    all formulas of ingredients are has unique mixing ratio formulated by Dr.Esther on her own

  • Premium

    only uses most qualified and safe raw materials for best effect and reduce side effects

  • Grand awards

    won various numbers of grand prizes on probiotics, inner beauty in Korean supplements industy