[Effects of Calcium] Also Essential for Losing Weight? 3 Hidden Benefits of Calcium

[Effects of Calcium] Also Essential for Losing Weight? 3 Hidden Benefits of Calcium

Dec 03, 2023Sunhyo Kim

[Effects of Calcium] Also Essential for Losing Weight?

3 Hidden Benefits of Calcium

Gain Weight if You Lack ‘This’? 3 Benefits of Calcium
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Effects of Calcium
1. Weight and fat loss
2. Reduces risk of colon cancer
3. Relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms

Hello, I am Jinny, a pharmacist.

When it comes to bone health nutrients, many people probably think of ‘calcium.’ In fact, a lack of calcium in the body not only causes growth delays in children, but also lowers bone density, increasing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets.

However, to recognize calcium only as a bone health nutrient, the benefits of calcium intake are quite diverse, including diet and cancer prevention. Today, we will learn about three hidden benefits of calcium through research papers.

1. Weight and Fat Loss

Did you know that calcium is related to diet? It is known that calcium hardens fat in the intestines like soap so that it can be excreted through feces, and can help reduce fat by increasing lipid oxidation.

In 2009, a human application test targeting obese women with insufficient calcium intake was published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D intake can help with weight and fat loss.

“Women whose calcium intake was less than 600 mg/d experienced more than four times more weight and fat loss than those in the placebo group when taking calcium and vitamin D.”

Reference :  Major, G., Alarie, F., Doré, J., & Tremblay, A. (2008). Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation and fat mass loss in female very low-calcium consumers: Potential link with a calcium-specific appetite control. British Journal of Nutrition, 101(5), 659-663.
2. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

One of the causes of colon cancer is ‘bile acid.’ This is because when you consume a lot of animal fat, bile acid production and secretion increases to digest it, and bacteria in the large intestine break it down again and create toxic metabolites. It is known that calcium inhibits the toxicity of bile acids released from the large intestine, and calcium within colonic epithelial cells can reduce cancer that promotes inflammatory responses.

In relation to this, research results were published in the renowned academic journal BMC CANCER in 2015. Research reports have confirmed that calcium intake is correlated with the incidence of colon cancer.

“The incidence of colon cancer was reduced in all men and women who consumed calcium.”

Reference :  Han, C., Shin, A., Lee, J., Lee, J., Park, J. W., Oh, J. H., & Kim, J. (2015). Dietary calcium intake and the risk of colorectal cancer: a case control study. BMC Cancer, 15(1).
3. Relieves Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to symptoms that occur repeatedly before menstruation. It manifests itself in a variety of symptoms, including abdominal bloating, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Although the exact cause of premenstrual syndrome has not yet been revealed, it is known that hormonal imbalance and serotonin and dopamine deficiency may be the cause. Calcium is involved in the feeling of happiness and is also related to the secretion of serotonin, also called the ‘happiness hormone’, so it can help with mood changes caused by premenstrual syndrome.

A 2017 study reported the following effects of oral intake of calcium on PMS symptoms:

“The results of this study suggest that calcium supplementation is an effective way to reduce mood disorders caused by PMS.”

Reference :  Shobeiri, F., Araste, F. E., Ebrahimi, R., Jenabi, E., & Nazari, M. (2017). Effect of calcium on premenstrual syndrome: A double-blind randomized clinical trial. Obstetrics & Gynecology Science, 60(1), 100.

Today, we looked at the effects of calcium intake. Calcium can cause gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn and indigestion if taken on an empty stomach, so it is best to take it after a meal. Additionally, we recommend taking it with vitamin D to increase calcium absorption in the body.

I hope you have a healthy day both physically and mentally. This was Jinny.

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