[Effects of Saw Palmetto] From Prostate Health to  Hair Health. Benefits of Saw Palmetto.

[Effects of Saw Palmetto] From Prostate Health to Hair Health. Benefits of Saw Palmetto.

Dec 03, 2023KimSunhyo

[Effects of Saw Palmetto] From Prostate Health to

Hair Health. Benefits of Saw Palmetto.

Saw Palmetto
Why Do Women Take Saw Palmetto?
This content is health information about ingredients and not directly related to a specific product.
Effects of Saw Palmetto
1. Reduces DHT levels associated with hair loss.
2. Anti-inflammatory.

Hello, I am Jinny, a pharmacist.

Do you know about "Saw Palmetto"? Saw Palmetto refers to the fruit of the saw palmetto palm, which grows on the Atlantic coast. It is an ancient ingredient known to have been used by Native Americans as an herbal remedy.

Saw Palmetto is well-known for its effects on men's prostate health and increasing male hormone levels. For this reason, you might think that Saw Palmetto is something only men should take. However, Saw Palmetto has various benefits beyond this.

Today, we will explore the diverse advantages of Saw Palmetto that you may not have been aware of.

1. Reduces DHT Levels Associated with Hair Loss.

Hair loss is related to a modified form of the male hormone called 'dihydrotestosterone (DHT),' and this applies to both men and women[1].
[1] Pharmaceutical Information Center, "A Rational Approach to Female Hair Loss (2)."

To understand how DHT affects hair loss, you first need to know about 'androgens.' Androgens are hormones that influence the growth and development of the male reproductive system, and they are also secreted by the ovaries in females. Among these androgens, testosterone, is converted into DHT by 5α-reductase when it reaches the hair follicles. Converted DHT has the property of shrinking hair follicles and gradually thinning the hair.

However, it is known that saw palmetto can help reduce DHT levels. According to a human clinical trial published in the prestigious journal "Urology" in 2001, the group that consumed saw palmetto saw a significant decrease in DHT levels compared to the control group.

"In a randomized trial, DHT levels decreased significantly in the SPHB (saw palmetto herbal blend) group, from 6.49 to 4.40 ng/g, representing a 32% reduction, while the placebo group did not show significant changes."

Reference :  Leonard S Marks; David L Hess; Frederick J Dorey; Maria Luz Macairan; Paul Bryan Cruz Santos; Varro E Tyler (2001). Tissue effects of saw palmetto and finasteride: use of biopsy cores for in situ quantification of prostatic androgens. , 57(5), 0–1005.
2. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is a type of immune response within the body. When pathogens damage our body, the inflammatory response is initiated to remove the infection and facilitate the repair of damaged tissues. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, it can become a risk factor for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Importantly, inflammation is a common phenomenon that occurs as part of the aging process. Therefore, consuming anti-inflammatory foods regularly is crucial for maintaining good health. In this context, saw palmetto is known to reduce inflammatory substances like IL-1β and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α).
[2] Sanada, Fumihiro; Taniyama, Yoshiaki; Muratsu, Jun; Otsu, Rei; Shimizu, Hideo; Rakugi, Hiromi; Morishita, Ryuichi (2018). Source of Chronic Inflammation in Aging. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 5(), 12–.

"After treatment with saw palmetto extract (SPE), a significant reduction in the levels of IL-1β and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α was observed. Therefore, SPE has shown anti-inflammatory effects."

Reference :  Suzuki, Mayumi; Ito, Yoshihiko; Fujino, Tomomi; Abe, Masayuki; Umegaki, Keizo; Onoue, Satomi; Noguchi, Hiroshi; Yamada, Shizuo (2009). Pharmacological effects of saw palmetto extract in the lower urinary tract. , 30(3), 227–281.

Today, we've looked into the various benefits of saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is known as a safe ingredient with minimal side effects. However, excessive consumption of saw palmetto may lead to side effects such as nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. Moreover, it is advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding women to avoid saw palmetto intake as it can potentially affect hormone levels.

I hope you have a healthy day both physically and mentally. This was Jinny.

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