Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2.0 eye wrinkles crows feet moisture

Daily premium skincare for luxurious skin:
☑ Premium fish collagen peptides, functional ingredients for dazzling skin transformation.
☑ Biotin 4,000% for abundant energy.
☑ 10 supplementary ingredients from elastin to hyaluronic acid.

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Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2 Boost your beauty regimen with Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2.0.

Packed with powerful fish collagen peptides, this supplement offers real results.

Enjoy smoother, more radiant skin with improved elasticity and moisture.

Plus, you can keep your cells in tip-top shape and prevent cell loss.

Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2 Effect:

1. Can improve eye wrinkles, skin roughness, moisture improvement, and skin elasticity improvement with a functional ingredient of fish collagen peptides.

2. Can prevent destruction of the cell membrane's structural component, unsaturated fatty acids, thereby preventing cell loss.

Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2 Net Contents:

252 ml (18 ml x 14 packs)

Fish Scales Collagen Imperial Max 2 Intake method:

Take 1 pack once a day.

<Fish Collagen Peptides (Individual Recognition Type, Issue No. 2019-12)>

- Only 3.6% of domestically recognized functional ingredients for collagen by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
- Collagen with patented technologies recognized in 11 countries worldwide.
- Quick-absorbing low-molecular-weight 512 Dalton young collagen.


- Increases collagen synthesis.


- Protects fibroblast cells in the skin from damage caused by UV rays

- Increases collagen synthesis


- Stimulates collagen production

Fish collagen peptide (collagen peptide, citric acid/Indian acid), zinc gluconate, mixture (corn maltodextrin, sodium acetylene), nicotinic acid, biotin, vitamin B2, vitamin B1 hydrochloride, purified water, xylitol, flavoring agent (drink, synthetic flavoring, propylene glycol, glycerin, lactic acid), yogurt flavoring, lemon concentrate (Israeli), complex golden extract (golden concentrate), licorice concentrate (domestic), sodium citrate, lemon scent (scented), enzyme-treated stevia, anhydrous citric acid, snail extract, hyaluronic acid, elastin hydrolysate, vitamin C, milk protein concentration, white tomato extract, dry beer yeast powder, L-cystinin
*Contains milk and tomatoes

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- Those who desire to consume collagen for health benefits.
- Those who recognize the necessity of collagen intake but hesitate due to its bitter taste.
- Those who want to consume collagen deliciously without the need for water anytime, anywhere.
- Those who concern about skin damage and dryness due to UV rays and wish to care for and manage their skin.
- Those who wish to manage both skin and hair care together.
- Those who want to consume collagen along with ingredients that have a synergistic effect.

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