ESTNU Lacto 1H2 Inner Balance White for vaginal area cleanliness odor control

Cleansing habits for vaginal health
Safe to use as a medical device approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

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Maintaining a healthy and balanced pH level in the vaginal area is crucial for cleanliness and odor control.

Our ESTNU Lacto 1H2 Inner Balance White provides gentle yet effective care to help regulate the pH balance and promote a clean and refreshed feeling.

Say goodbye to vaginal discharge and odor, and hello to a clean and comfortable you, anytime and anywhere.

With just one product, ESTNU Lacto 1H2. you can achieve a virtuous cycle of feminine hygiene, all while enjoying a moist and comfortable environment that you can trust and rely on.

ESTNU Lacto 1H2, Recommended for

- Perfect for use before and after menstruation or after engaging in outdoor activities such as sauna and swimming.

- Ideal for quick and easy cleaning on trips or business trips, without the need for water.

- Great for eliminating unpleasant odors that may bother you.

- Perfect for taking care of secretions when needed.

ESTNU Lacto 1H2 Net Contents:

1.8 g (based on 1 piece) × 3 pieces

Usage method:

※  It can be inserted into the vagina as a medical device.

1. Tear off the top of the individually wrapped paper (use by date label) and take out the product.

2. Hold the push rod and remove the cap by carefully twisting it without touching the front part of the outer barrel (body).

3. Hold the tip of the push pin and the end of the outer tube (body) and insert the front part of the outer tube (body) into the vagina for about 3 to 5 cm in a position that is comfortable for insertion.

4. After inserting the outer tube (body), press firmly on the pusher to inject the contents into the vagina.

5. Slowly remove the outer cylinder (body).

※ If you are concerned about the cleaning gel leaking out after use, we recommend using a panty liner before going to bed.

ESTNU Lacto 1H2 Package Dimensions: 

170 x 55 x 25 (mm)


43 g

Purified water, concentrated glycerin, methyl paraoxybenzoate, sodium citrate hydrate, sodium edetate hydrate, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethyl
Tylcellulose, lactic acid

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- Before or after menstruation or intercourse
- After outdoor activities such as sauna, swimming, etc.
- Those who need easy cleaning without water during travel or business trips
- Those who are concerned about unpleasant odors
- When secretion care is needed

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