6 Year Old Red Ginseng Plus

100% domestic 6-year-old red ginseng
+12 types of domestic supplementary ingredients such as ginseng and honey

$75.10 $88.80

Red Ginseng Plus Effect:

1. Increases immunity
2. Improves physical fatigue
3. Improves attention, memory, and stress

Red Ginseng PlusNet Contents:

10g x 10 packets x 3 (300g)

Red Ginseng Plus Intake method:

Take one packet once a day

Red Ginseng Plus Package Dimensions

210 x 180 x 45 (140 x 55 x 40) (mm)

Red Ginseng Plus Weight

300 (125 x 3) g

Ingredients: Red ginseng concentrate (6-year-old, domestic, ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 sum 10mg/g, solid content 60%, ※ raw material mixing ratio: red ginseng root 70%, red ginseng 30%) 9.1%, ginseng honey (domestic), Pear concentrate (domestic), Chamdaebo concentrate A [Angelica (domestic), Astragalus (domestic), Peony (domestic), Licorice (domestic), Baekchul (domestic), Cnidium (domestic), Jihwang (domestic), Bokryeong (domestic) ], Ginger Concentrate [Ginger Juice (Solid Content 1% or more, Peeled Ginger Root: Domestic)], Xanthan Gum, Ginseng Fruit Extract Concentrate (Korean) 0.1%

Manufacturer: Huonspudiance Co., Ltd. Geumsan Factory 3 / 19 Insamgwangjang-ro, Geumsan-eup, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

- Those who find the price of Cheong Kwan Jang products burdensome
- Those who wish to maintain or enhance their immune system
- Those who want to improve their memory
- Those in need of antioxidant management
- Those who want assistance in reducing fatigue

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Worried about my immunity

I bought this because I was worried about my immunity.
I have been taking it consistently since purchasing it.
Since its winter, I dont think I have to worry about catching a cold.

Not burdensome

I was planning to buy red ginseng because I was tired, but luckily I bought red ginseng at a low price. First of all, I liked the raw materials and it was nice that it didn't feel burdensome in one bite.

Nice ingredients

I bought it to give to my daughter when she goes to study abroad.
I was wondering if there was a good nutritional supplement, and I thought red ginseng would be good for students studying, so I took a 3-month supply, and when I finished eating it, I was going to order and send it again.
I always eat red ginseng, but this is my first time purchasing this product. I plan to continue eating it from now on.
thank you
I think the ingredients are good too.

Fast & Trust

Fast delivery and easy to eat.
I trusted it and bought it.

86 year old mom loves it

I'm eating it consistently once a day like my 86-year-old mother eats.. Don't catch a cold and stay healthy^^