[Effects of Tomato Seed Extract] Dark Horse of the Inner Beauty World, Following Collagen and Elastin

[Effects of Tomato Seed Extract] Dark Horse of the Inner Beauty World, Following Collagen and Elastin

Dec 03, 2023KimSunhyo

[Effects of Tomato Seed Extract] Dark Horse of the

Inner Beauty World, Following Collagen and Elastin

Tomato Seed Extract
How Old is My Skin? Amazing Effect Hidden in ‘This’ Seed
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Effects of Tomato Seed Extract
1. Promotes collagen and elastin production
2. Improves epidermal dryness and suppress inflammation
3. Improves skin elasticity index

Hello, I am Jinny, a pharmacist.

There are less than ten days left in 2021. The end of the year is always a sad time. Especially, it is a time when concerns about the traces of time left on the face become deeper. This is because there is no change as noticeable as skin aging.

Therefore, today I would like to introduce a healthy ingredient that may be helpful to those who are worried about their skin age, especially those who tried inner beauty ingredients such as collagen and elastin but were disappointed because they could not feel the effects.

It is ‘tomato seed extract’. Although they are a familiar vegetable that is easy to come across, we haven’t really looked closely into it. Let's find out what benefits tomatoes can provide for skin health.

1. Promotes Collagen and Elastin Production

Many people probably know that collagen and elastin are proteins that make up the dermal layer of our skin. The problem here is that the rate of decomposition of both collagen and elastin gradually accelerates due to factors such as increasing age, ultraviolet rays, and stress, and at the same time, waste products are also created. This is ‘skin aging’.

In 2019, Japanese researchers tested the effect of tomato seed extract as a functional beauty ingredient on maintaining skin homeostasis and reported as follows:

"Tomato seed extract not only enhances the production of collagen and elastin, but also increases the absorption of these decomposition products, thereby maintaining the skin's extracellular matrix in a normal state at all times, preventing and improving skin aging represented by wrinkles and sagging skin. “It is a material that can contribute to .”

Reference :  竹田 翔伍, 下田 博司 (2019). Effect of tomato seed extract and its major saponins on extracellular matrix in skin. 内外美容素材及び製品開発の動向, 47(1): 56-62..
2. Improves Epidermal Dryness and Suppresses Inflammation

When you think of saponin, you probably think of the medicinal ingredients contained in ginseng or soybeans. Tomato seed extract also contains saponins, especially a component called ‘lycopheroside’, a type of steroid saponin. Recently, academic circles are paying attention to the various actions this ingredient performs in the body.

In September this year, a paper was published in Molecules that studied the effects of lycopheroside extracted from tomato seeds on skin health.

“These findings indicate that lycopheroside H can improve epidermal dryness and inhibit inflammation by increasing SC (stratum corneum) ceramide and steroid anti-inflammatory activity.”

Reference :  Takeda S, Miyasaka K, Shrestha S, Manse Y, Morikawa T, Shimoda H (2021). Lycoperoside H, a Tomato Seed Saponin, Improves Epidermal Dehydration by Increasing Ceramide in the Stratum Corneum and Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Effect. Molecules, 26(19):5860.
3. Improves Skin Elasticity Index

We feel the age of our skin when we feel our skin is sagging, and our skin's elasticity is no longer what it used to be.

A study published this year in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications described the effects of tomato seed extract on skin elasticity.

“TSE [tomato seed extract (200 mg/day)] standardized to lycopheroside H improved facial elasticity indices. Therefore, it has been suggested that daily intake of TSE is beneficial for maintaining facial skin elasticity.”

Reference :  Izumi, T. , Yamamoto, K. , Suzuki, N. , Yamashita, S. , Iio, S. , Noguchi, H. , Kakinuma, T. , Baba, A. , Takeda, S. , Yamada, W. and Shimoda, H. (2021) Tomato Seed Extract Containing Lycoperoside H Improves Skin Elasticity in Japanese Female Subjects: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial. Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 11, 217-236.

Today, we looked at the skin-related benefits of tomatoes, which are all too familiar. I plan to continue to shed light on new aspects of familiar foods so that you can eat them with knowledge.

I hope you have a healthy day both physically and mentally. This was Jinny.

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