[Effects of Beta-glucan] 3 Reasons Why Beta-glucan is the Best for Immune System

[Effects of Beta-glucan] 3 Reasons Why Beta-glucan is the Best for Immune System

Dec 03, 2023KimSunhyo

[Effects of Beta-glucan] 3 Reasons Why

Beta-glucan is the Best for Immune System

Introducing ‘This’ the Best for Immunity
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Effects of Beta-glucan
1. Improves immune function through NK cell activation
2. Reduces upper respiratory infection symptoms
3. Reduces total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol

Hello, I am Jinny, a pharmacist.

If you listen to the stories of people who have recently gotten the coronavirus, there are some who got sick so lightly that they were almost asymptomatic and got better, while others suffered from high fever for several days. This is because immunity varies from person to person.

So today, I would like to introduce beta-glucan for those who suffer from weak immunity. Beta-glucan is a type of dietary fiber and polysaccharide, and is found in yeast cell walls, mushrooms, grains, etc. It is called ‘the best for immune system’ and has been recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its functionality as ‘can help improve immune function.’ Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of actual consumption through research papers.

1. Improves Immune Function Through NK Cell Activation

NK cells are a type of white blood cell responsible for innate immunity and are also called natural killer cells. This is because it directly attacks and destroys virus-infected cells or cancer cells and secretes chemokines and cytokines, substances that cause an immune response. When NK cells are activated, the immune response can be seen to be more active. And, beta-glucan induces the activation of NK cells.

In 2017, a paper was published in Nutrition Research and Practice reporting the results that NK cell activity levels were significantly higher when beta-glucan was consumed.

“This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that supplementation with purified bacterial linear β-1,3-glucan can significantly increase NK cell activity without significant side effects compared to placebo.”

Reference :  Lee, Y. J., Paik, D. J., Kwon, D. Y., Yang, H. J., & Park, Y. (2017). Agrobacterium sp.-derived β-1,3-glucan enhances natural killer cell activity in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study. Nutrition research and practice, 11(1), 43–50.
2. Reduces Upper Respiratory Infection Symptoms

Beta-glucan not only activates NK cells, but also activates macrophages and dendritic cells, which are immune cells. Beta-glucan, which has a positive effect on improving immune function, has also been found to help alleviate upper respiratory infection symptoms that tend to appear when immunity is low.

A paper published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2009 reported a significant reduction in upper respiratory infection symptoms in the group that consumed beta-glucan.

“Over the course of the four-week study, subjects in the treatment group (250 mg or 500 mg beta-glucan per day) had significantly fewer upper respiratory tract symptoms (URTIs), improved overall health, decreased confusion, fatigue, tension, and anger, and improved mood compared to placebo.” Reported increased vitality according to Profile of Status (POMS) survey.”

Reference :  Talbott, S., & Talbott, J. (2009). Effect of BETA 1, 3/1, 6 GLUCAN on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms and Mood State in Marathon Athletes. Journal of sports science & medicine, 8(4), 509–515.
3. Reduces Total Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol

In the body, dietary fiber reduces blood cholesterol by blocking bile acids produced from cholesterol in the liver from being reabsorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream. A dietary fiber, Beta-glucan can also lower blood cholesterol in this way.

In relation to this, a paper was published in Nutrients in 2020 showing that total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol decreased when beta-glucan was consumed.

“Beta-glucan reduced mean LDL cholesterol levels from baseline by 12.2% after 4 weeks of supplementation and by 15.1% after 8 weeks of supplementation. Between baseline and 4 weeks, total cholesterol levels decreased by an average of 6.5% over the course of beta-glucan. "Non-HDL cholesterol plasma concentration decreased by 11.8%. Additionally, after 8 weeks of beta-glucan supplementation, total cholesterol (TC) decreased by 8.9% and non-HDL cholesterol level decreased by 12.1%."

Reference :  Cicero, A., Fogacci, F., Veronesi, M., Strocchi, E., Grandi, E., Rizzoli, E., Poli, A., Marangoni, F., & Borghi, C. (2020). A randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Medium-Term Effects of Oat Fibers on Human Health: The Beta-Glucan Effects on Lipid Profile, Glycemia and inTestinal Health (BELT) Study. Nutrients, 12(3), 686.

Today, we looked at the benefits of consuming beta-glucan through papers. I don't think there has ever been a time when immunity is more important than these days. Therefore, to increase immunity, we recommend that you get enough rest and sleep, and sunbathe for about 20 to 30 minutes a day.

I hope you have a healthy day both physically and mentally. This was Jinny.

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