Inositol Powder

Myoinositol 4000mg
+ Folic Acid · Zinc

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May help in menstruation, pregnant care, as well as PMS control


Esther Formula (Korea)

Net Contents:

Per box: 150g (5g x 30 packets for 30 days)

Intake method:

Intake 1 packet once a day with warm water or as it is

* Package Dimensions : 85 x 70 x 145 (mm)

* Weight : 197 g


Ingredients: Inositol, chicory root extract, glucose, lemon flavor mixture (dextrin, lemon oil, gum arabic, pectin), Indian gooseberry extract powder (containing 50% of vitamin C), lemon juice powder (lemon juice, dextrin), magnesium oxide (magnesium) 60%), Enzyme-treated Stevia, Citric Acid, DL-Malic Acid, Curry-Leaf Tree Leaf [Curry Leaf Extract Powder (Contains 3% Iron)], Guava Leaf Extract Powder (Contains 4% Zinc), Dried Yeast (Vitamin D 2.25%) Contains), lemon extract powder (contains 5% folic acid) 
* Package Dimension : 85 x 70 x 145 (mm)

Manufacturer: Cosmax Bio Co., Ltd. / 30, Biovalley 3-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

- Women who experience discomfort due to irregular menstrual cycles
- Women who suffer from uncomfortable symptoms before menstruation
- Women who are preparing for pregnancy
- Women who have failed in multiple attempts to become pregnant
- Women who are upset due to frequent problems

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Feeling refreshed

34 years old, overseas podiatrist.
Due to a job that required me to stand for a long time, I had irregular and unhealthy eating habits for several years, and lack of exercise due to long study hours. Then, I injured my leg in an accident, gained weight, had trouble sleeping, my hormones became unbalanced, and I suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome. At first, I had irregular menstruation, so I controlled it with birth control pills and left it alone, but at some point, the stubble on my chin and philtrum began to darken, and my period stopped after only a day, so I looked for inositol when I came to Korea.
She chose Esther because it is in powdered form and has a high inocetol content.
It took her just 3 days. She started to feel irritable, had a tummy ache and felt a little hot, and then she had her normal period. Her transfer period was the same as when she was healthy.
She feels refreshed, doesn't feel bloated, and most of all, she sleeps well. Her body and mind feel lighter, her activity level has increased and she is sleeping well, so she is losing weight. She even lost her appetite!
How amazing. Good thing she ordered in bulk!
She ordered it on December 30th and received it on the 1st or 2nd.
I feel good from the start of the new year of 2024!!

Taking this regularly

I bought it because I needed to take it because I was polycystic while preparing for pregnancy.
I already have inositol from another product at home.
There was no significant effect and the preparation period for pregnancy was extended too much.
I changed it without even eating it all.
I hope it works
I bought it when it was on sale so I could eat it with my husband!
I'm eating it these days and it tastes similar to Lemona and is delicious.
It's easy, so I eat it well^^
My husband doesn't usually take nutritional supplements, but he takes this regularly.

Good to take it regularly

I didn't have my period for 3 months after getting coronavirus.
What was recommended at that time was inositol.
Esther Yeo, I have been taking lactic acid bacteria for several years, so I trusted and purchased inositol.
I ate well every day and I started having regular periods again.
So I stopped taking it, but since women say it is good to eat regularly, I am taking it again.
I like it, I recommend it

Gave it to my daughter

My teenage daughters have really messed up menstrual cycles, so I bought it and told them to try it regularly.
It was my first time eating it and it was so delicious that I ate it every day.
It's the first month since taking it, and both
My menstrual cycle is getting organized.

Amazing effect for regular period

Maybe because I take it consistently, the cycle may be slightly different.
I started having regular periods.
It's so convenient because you can fill the daily recommended amount with just one, and I like the taste because I can eat it without any hesitation.