[Probiotics Episode 7] There are not many strains whose functionality and safety have been proven | Dr. Esther Lyuh

[Probiotics Episode 7] There are not many strains whose functionality and safety have been proven | Dr. Esther Lyuh

4 criteria for choosing probiotics

must contain the necessary strains

Indispensable strains include Lactobacillus and Bifidus.  There are many different types of probiotics. Among them, the strains recognized for functionality and safety by the World Health Organization are Lactobacillus and Bifidus. The reason why both of these strains are needed is that each strain works well in slightly different places.  Lactobacillus is active in the small intestine and bifidus is active in the large intestine. The small intestine is just as important as the large intestine. The small intestine secretes immune substances. Most of the absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine. Basically, you can take these two strains and add strains whose functions have been separately recognized according to your health condition.

It should contain as many beneficial bacteria as possible.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognizes the functionality of probiotics from 100 million. However, it is recommended that you eat enough of it. The maximum amount certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is 10 billion, so a formulation that guarantees at least 10 billion grains per capsule is recommended until the end of the expiration date.  This is because sufficient numbers are important to withstand stomach and bile acids and reach the intestines alive.

It must be a strain whose efficacy and safety have been proven through clinical trials.

This is because even in the same Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria, there are hundreds of strains depending on the genotype. First of all, when ingested, it is important to survive through stomach acid and bile acid and reach the intestines. Even if it goes to the intestine alive, the adhesion to settle and stick to the intestinal mucosa is also important. Once established, the ability to reliably suppress harmful bacteria must also be excellent. Even strains with the same name have very different abilities.  Each company that develops a fungus attaches a unique number to the fungus, like a person's social security number. For example, even if it is the same Lactobacillus, it means that the Lactobacillus with a unique number through clinical trials is of course good.

Good product with prebiotics

Prebiotics are food for beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics refer to ingredients such as dietary fiber and oligosaccharides that help the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine and serve as food for beneficial bacteria. In order to secure a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines for a long time, the capsule must contain a sufficient amount of dietary fiber, or prebiotics, which are their food, along with the beneficial bacteria.
Esther Lyuh, Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Seoul National University
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