[Lactium Efficacy] Three effects of lactium, from improving sleep quality to relieving stress and depression

[Lactium Efficacy] Three effects of lactium, from improving sleep quality to relieving stress and depression

Get help from 'this ingredient' for insomnia nights that only deepen your worries

Lactium (milk protein hydrolyzate) efficacy
1. Improving sleep time · sleep efficiency 2.  Improving
anxiety · stress · depression
3. Improvement of stress-related physical symptoms

Hello. This is pharmacist Jinny.


What is the most important factor in maintaining health ? I put the following two first, one for nutrition and the other for sleep. This is because nutrition is the supply of components and fuel for our body to function smoothly, and sleep is the activity of our body that restores and maintains functions using this fuel .


We think of sleep as 'time to do nothing', but in fact our bodies change very dynamically. It restores the functions of the body and muscles consumed and damaged during non-sleep time, stores important information received, and organizes unnecessary emotions and information to maintain the function of body organs stably and to learn new information. It restores cell function [1].


Therefore , when we wake up from a good night's sleep, we feel refreshed and refreshed not only physically but also emotionally, and sufficient sleep prevents various mental and physical diseases [2]. However, the quality of sleep can easily deteriorate depending on stress, hormonal changes, and lifestyle habits.


If you still feel tired when you wake up, fall asleep, or have trouble getting a good night's sleep without waking up in the middle, you need appropriate measures not only for your sleep health but also for your overall physical health. We would like to introduce you to lactium (hydrolyzate of milk protein) , a functional ingredient for sleep health .

[1,2] Ministry of Health and Welfare National Mental Health Center, National Mental Health Service Portal Medical Information <Sleep and Sleep Disorders>

1. Improve sleep time and sleep efficiency

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and refers to a state in which it takes too long to fall asleep, wakes up frequently after falling asleep, wakes up from insufficient sleep and cannot fall asleep again, or wakes up not feeling refreshed. It is known that the prevalence of insomnia in Korea is about 22.8%, which means that about one in five people suffers from trouble getting a good night's sleep 

In 2019, Nutrients published a human application study that evaluated the effect of lactium intake on sleep in 48 Koreans suffering from mild to moderate sleep disturbance. It is reported that quantitative and qualitative improvement of

"In the lactium (ACH) group, not only the increase in total sleep time and sleep efficiency was observed, but also the time to sleep and time to wake up. Interestingly, in the sleep arousal activity test, sleep for 4 weeks with lactium intake was also improved. It was confirmed that the efficiency continued to increase. 
Reference papers: Kim, HJ, Kim, J., Lee, S., Kim, B., Kwon, E., Lee, JE, ... & Lee, HW (2019). A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Clinical Study of the Effects of Alpha-s1 Casein Hydrolysate on Sleep Disturbance. Nutrients, 11(7), 1466.
2. Improvement of anxiety, stress and depression

As mentioned at the outset, the causes of poor sleep quality vary from lifestyle to stress and hormonal changes , but the most common cause is a change in lifestyle. If the rhythm of life changes due to travel, change of job, moving, hospitalization, etc., the quality of sleep temporarily deteriorates, and most of these symptoms improve after a few days. Chronic physical illness can also accompany insomnia.


However , if the quality of sleep is chronically deteriorated for no specific reason, it may be due to psychological problems such as chronic stress, depression or anxiety. Of course, sleep problems can also cause stress or anxiety.

Therefore, many sleep-related human body tests measure the degree of stress, depression, and anxiety together. In a study by Phing, C. H and researchers (2019) who evaluated the effects of lactium and theanine intake on 70 people with sleep disorders , stress, depression, and anxiety were measured together with the quality of sleep. , reported that improvement in anxiety, stress, and depression was observed with sleep.

"From the third week of intake, a significant difference was observed between the lactium intake group and the placebo group in anxiety and stress scores, and the anxiety and stress scores were significantly lower in the lactium intake group than in the placebo group. At week 4, Significant differences were also observed in the depression evaluation scores of the lactium intake group. "
Reference paper: Phing, CH, & Chee, OY (2019). Effects of alpha-S1-casein tryptic hydrolysate and L-theanine on sleep disorder and psychological components: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 19(1), 47-55.
3. Improvement of stress-related physical symptoms

In fact , stress-induced insomnia is a type of stress-related anxiety symptom. In addition to insomnia, stress-related anxiety symptoms can also appear as restlessness, tension, and panic. In addition to anxiety symptoms, stress symptoms can also be expressed as physical symptoms such as lethargy, indigestion, headache, and dizziness. 

Lactium, a functional ingredient for sleep health, introduced today, is an ingredient that has many academic studies related to anxiety relief as much as sleep. A representative study is a human application study that evaluated the effects of lactium intake on 63 women with stress-related disorders such as anxiety disorders and sleep disorders . In this study, it is reported that the improvement of stress symptoms including digestive system, cardiovascular system, cognitive, emotional, and social problems was confirmed by ingestion of lactium.

"When women with stress-related symptoms were given lactium (αs1-casein) for 30 days, their symptoms of stress, including stress digestive and cardiovascular problems, cognitive problems, emotional problems, and social problems, improved. "
Reference papers: Kim, JH, Desor, D., Kim, YT, Yoon, WJ, Kim, KS, Jun, JS, ... & Shim, I. (2007). Efficacy of α s1-casein hydrolysate on stress-related symptoms in women. European journal of clinical nutrition, 61(4), 536-541.

Today, we took a look at lactium (hydrolyzate milk protein), a sleep health functional ingredient approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. As it is an ingredient that helps to alleviate various stressful symptoms from improving sleep quality and efficiency, I think that it is a good ingredient for menopausal women and test takers, as well as those who usually feel stressful physical symptoms .

In addition, it can be confirmed that significant effects were measured when ingesting lactium daily for at least 2 to 4 weeks before going to bed in most human application tests . Therefore , it is recommended to consume it continuously for at least 4 weeks .

I hope you have a healthy body and mind. More than that, it was Jinny.

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