[Choline efficacy] Essential for brain function? 3 reasons why academics are paying attention to choline

[Choline efficacy] Essential for brain function? 3 reasons why academics are paying attention to choline


Essential for brain function, what is the identity of choline?

choline efficacy
1. Improves verbal memory
2. Improves information processing speed in infants
3. Helps reduce body mass

This is Jinny, the pharmacist.

Have you ever heard of 'Colin' If you are taking 'Acetylcholine' , which is also called brain function supplement or dementia supplement , you may be able to guess what it is.

Choline is one of the B vitamins and is synthesized in the body as acetylcholine. Acetylcholine contributes to regulating learning and memory in the central nervous system. In addition, choline is used when synthesizing phospholipids, which are components of cell membranes, and also plays a role in releasing fat accumulated in the liver.

Now, let's take a look at the various benefits of choline that have been verified by the academic world.

1. Improve verbal memory

As we age, our reasoning, spatial perception, and language abilities naturally decline. That's why sometimes when I'm having a conversation, I get frustrated because I can't come up with words. Since choline is a raw material of acetylcholine, which helps memory and learning ability, it has a positive effect on brain metabolism mediated by acetylcholine .

In this regard, a paper published in the Archives of Neurology in 1996 reported that the verbal memory was improved when an elderly person with lower verbal memory than his or her peers consumed choline  

"Overall , this study showed that citicoline (a source of choline) improved verbal memory in older subjects with lower performance than their peers. "
Reference paper: Spiers, PA, Myers, D., Hochanadel, GS, Lieberman, HR, & Wurtman, RJ (1996). Citicoline improves verbal memory in aging. Archives of neurology , 53 (5), 441–448.
2. Improves infants' information processing speed

Choline promotes fetal and placental tissue expansion and DNA methylation during prenatal life. It also helps in the formation of phosphatidylcholine, a major component of cell membranes necessary for signal transmission, brain development, and fetal growth.

A paper published in the journal FASEB in 2018 reported that children of mothers who supplemented with choline from the third trimester through delivery had faster information processing . The paper believes that the reason for this result is that the nerve conduction speed is improved due to the higher availability of choline-derived cell membrane phospholipids .

" Across the four ages (4, 7, 10, and 13 months), mean reaction time (RT) was significantly faster for infants born to mothers in the choline 930 mg group. indicate that ingestion enhances infants' information processing speed. "
Reference paper Caudill, MA, Strupp, BJ, Muscalu, L., Nevins, J., & Canfield, RL (2018). Maternal choline supplementation during the third trimester of pregnancy improves infant information processing speed: a randomized, double-blind, controlled feeding study. FASEB journal: official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology , 32 (4), 2172–2180.
3. Helps Lose Body Mass

Choline is involved in fat metabolism and is a useful substance to prevent fatty liver or excessive fat in the blood. In addition, choline's efficient fat metabolism is associated with higher levels of satiety, which may also aid in overall weight loss.

In this regard, a paper investigating the relationship between choline supplementation and body mass was published in the Journal of Human Kinetics in 2014.

“In conclusion,  choline supplementation can rapidly reduce body mass without adverse effects on the biochemical level or static strength. ”
Reference paper: Elsawy, G., Abdelrahman, O., & Hamza, A. (2014). Effect of choline supplementation on rapid weight loss and biochemical variables among female taekwondo and judo athletes. Journal of human kinetics , 40 , 77–82.

In today's paper, we looked at the various benefits associated with choline supplementation. Choline is rarely produced in the body, so it is an essential nutrient that must be supplemented through food or nutritional supplements. However, you should be aware that taking more than 3.5 grams of choline per day can cause side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting.

I hope you have a healthy day in body and mind. It was Jinny.

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