2 reasons why eating lactic acid bacteria does not work and yeast bollardi | Dr. Esther Lyuh

2 reasons why eating lactic acid bacteria does not work and yeast bollardi | Dr. Esther Lyuh

Nov 18, 2022eunkyulPark

When there is no lactic acid bacteria effect,

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hello. Lyuh Esther.

Are you all eating probiotics well? I think lactobacillus has become almost an essential nutrient for people. My family really eats together every day. 

However, there are quite a few people who did not feel the effect even after eating lactic acid bacteriaEen though you eat regularly, there are cases where you still have gas and the condition of your stool doesn't improve that much. Therefore, today, I would like to find out why eating lactobacillus does not work , introduce 'Boulardi' that can help at this time .

If eating lactic acid bacteria does not work, there can be two main reasons.

1. When you are not consuming good quality lactic acid bacteria

2. When taking antibiotics


So, first, what should I do to choose good quality lactic acid bacteria? Check out these 4 checkpoints:

1) Whether Lactobacillus and Bifidus are mixed together

There are many different types of probiotics. Among them, the strainsrecommendd sized for functionality and safety by the World Health Organization are Lactobacillus and Bifidus. However, these two germs are active in different stages. Therefore , make sure that it contains both Lactobacillus, which is therein, and Bifidobacterium, which lives in the large intestine.

2) Is the content of probiotics sufficient?

The maximum daily intake of probiotics recommended by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is 10 billion CFU . And products containing 100 million CFU can be recognized for their functionality. Therefore, if there is no effect even if you eat lactic acid bacteria steadily, check whether the content is sufficient.


3) Is it a strain whose efficacy and safety have been proven through clinical trials?

Even within the sameLactobacillus or Bifidobacterium, hundreds of strains exist depending on the genotype. Therefore, the ability to exert in the human body varies greatly depending on the species of the same germ. To check whether the strains contained in the products you eat are good strains, it is recommended that you check whether they are strains that have been proven effective and safe through clinical trials .


4) Whether prebiotics are mixed

Even if you eat lactobacillus products, it may be difficult for beneficial bacteria to proliferate smoothly if you do not consume food for beneficial. Therefore , make sure that it contains prebiotics such as dietary fiber or oligosaccharides that feed beneficial bacteria in the intestines .


Second, if you are taking antibiotics, even if you take lactic acid bacteria steadily, it may not be enough.


When you take antibiotics for acne and various infectious diseases, it kills not only harmful bacteria but also beneficial bacteria in the intestines. As a result, symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating may appear. 


To prevent this, when prescribing antibiotics in the hospital, they also prescribe antibiotics that correct intestinal function. And the main ingredient of this medicine is a yeast called 'Saccharomyces boulardii' . Therefore, if you are taking antibiotics, it is recommended to take Lactobacillus preparations and Boulardi together for basic intestinal health.

What is the difference between Lactobacillus and Boulardi?


Simply put, lactic acid bacteria are a type of bacteria that are easily destroyed by antibiotics. Antibiotics are drugs that target bacteria. On the other hand, boulardi is a type of fungus, especially yeast, and is not destroyed by antibiotics because it has a different cell structure from bacteria.


Can taking Boulardi help with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or suppression of candida?


That's right. This is because Boulardi helps alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or acute/chronic diarrhea as well as diarrhea caused by the aforementioned antibiotics. [One]

On the other hand, Candida is a representative causative agent of vaginitis, which is a harmful bacterium that causes various skin diseases and reflux esophagitis. Boulardi has been found to suppress harmful bacteria, including Candida, and it is thought that it can help with various symptoms caused by Candida infection. [2-3

It is also known to have anti-inflammatory action by regulating cytokines secreted by immune cells . [4]

When should I eat boulardi?

Boulardi can be taken without necessarily on an empty stomach. This is because it is strong against acidic environments such as stomach acid and bile acid in the body, so it is safe to take it after meals. It can also withstand high temperatures of up to 52 degrees [5], allowing it to be stored at room temperature.
Today, we learned about Boulardi, which is helpful for lactic acid bacteria intake. If you have to take antibiotics inevitably due to a disease, it is recommended to take them at least 2 hours apart from the lactobacillus preparation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for always.
Esther  Lyuh, Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Seoul National University

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