What are the three ingredients that help powerful antioxidants, glutathione?

What are the three ingredients that help powerful antioxidants, glutathione?
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Glutathione Synergy
1. Cysteine ​​that makes up
glutathione 2. Vitamin E that protects glutathione
3. Silymarin that strengthens glutathione
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Glutathione, which is well-known for white jade injection, is the ingredient that has received the most attention recently. Glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant, is widely used in dermatological procedures related to whitening in the form of an intravenous injection. 
Glutathione intravenous injection rapidly increases the concentration of a specific substance in the body and achieves the desired action in a short period of time. Eventually, your glutathione levels will drop again after a while . 

Therefore , it is good to supplement with glutathione with ingredients that can help maintain glutathione concentration . Let's take a look at three of these ingredients today.  
1. Cysteine ​​that makes up glutathione
It must be a relatively unfamiliar ingredient. Cysteine ​​is an amino acid containing sulfur (S) and is one of the  constituents of glutathione along with glutamic acid and glycine. 
Therefore, in 2011 Diabetes Care published a paper that studied the effects of cysteine ​​supplementation on glutathione synthesis .
"Dietary supplementation of these amino acid precursors (cysteine, glycine) restores partial synthesis of GSH (glutathione) and significantly reduces oxidative stress and markers of oxidative damage."
Reference Papers: Rajagopal V. Sekhar, Siripoom V. McKay, Sanjeet G. Patel, Anuradha P. Guthikonda, Vasumathi T. Reddy, Ashok Balasubramanyam, Farook Jahoor (2011). Glutathione Synthesis Is Diminished in Patients With Uncontrolled Diabetes and Restored by Dietary Supplementation With Cysteine ​​and Glycine. Diabetes Care, 34(1), 162-167.
2. Vitamin E to Protect Glutathione
In the body, vitamin E plays a role in protecting cells by preventing oxidation of other substances by oxidizing itself through oxidation-reduction reactions  . Therefore  , it is known to constitute a non-enzymatic antioxidant system along with glutathione as a representative antioxidant in the body.
As research on this antioxidant system has been accumulating, a study on the relationship between vitamin E and glutathione was reported in  Drug Metabolism Reviews in 2003 . 
“Antioxidants like vitamin E have a protective effect on glutathione enzymes.”
References: Rachel IM van Haaften, Guido RMM Haenen, Chris TA Evelo, Aalt Bast (2003). Effect of Vitamin E on Glutathione-Dependent Enzymes. Drug Metabolism Reviews, 35, 215-253.
3. Silymarin to Fortify Glutathione
When it comes to silymarin, it is known as an ingredient in milk thistle, which is a representative of liver health. Silymarin is a mixture of flavonoids found in milk thistle, such as milk thistle, which  acts to protect and regenerate liver cells, as well as to detoxify 
As this hepatoprotective action of silymarin has been widely studied, a study published in the World journal of hepatology in 2014 focused on  silymarin's glutathione-enhancing function 
"Silymarin enhances hepatic glutathione production by inducing cysteine ​​synthesis while increasing cysteine ​​solubility and inhibiting cysteine ​​taurine catabolism."
Reference Papers: Vargas-Mendoza, N., Madrigal-Santillán, E., Morales-González, A., Esquivel-Soto, J., Esquivel-Chirino, C., García-Luna Y González-Rubio, M., Gayosso -de-Lucio, JA, & Morales-González, JA (2014). Hepatoprotective effect of silymarin. World journal of hepatology, 6(3), 144–149. 
Today, we learned about three ingredients that help glutathione. In the future, we will introduce more synergistic ingredients based on the thesis, so please pay a lot of attention. 
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