[NK Cell Efficacy] What is the identity of NK cells that only kill infected cells?

[NK Cell Efficacy] What is the identity of NK cells that only kill infected cells?

Are there immune cells that only kill infected cells?

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Every cell in our body has a unique ID card just like humans. 
It is the cell's ID card, an identifier called MHC. Therefore, normal cells and abnormal cells have different identifiers. NK cells are very important immune cells in the human body that identify and kill these abnormal cells.
The correct name is Natural Killer Cell. These cells find only infected cells, attach to the cell surface, and then kill the cells. 
NK cell role
When a cell becomes infected, the DNA inside the cell is altered and this causes it to lose its function. 
Cells with altered DNA become vulnerable to pathogens and reach a point where they synthesize the DNA that produces pathogens. Then, these infected cells turn into factories that continuously print germs. 
This is why NK cells are so important. NK cells circulate throughout the body, finding only infected cells and inducing their death. It attaches to abnormal cells and injects water and salt to disturb the balance of the cells, causing cell necrosis.
NK cells are a kind of immune police officer 
It detects virus-infected cells and tumor cells, makes a hole in the cell membrane, and injects water and salt to induce apoptosis.
What is even more surprising is that research has been published that NK cells attack cancer cells and prevent the development, proliferation, and metastasis of cancer cells. NK cells inhibit tumor initiating cells, which are the pre-differentiation stage of cancer cells.
The usefulness of NK cells has been proven through several studies. Therefore, research efforts to increase the activity of NK cells or the number of NK cells in the body are gaining strength.
Recently, as the number of hospitals that can test NK cell activity in the body increases, activity tests are being actively carried out mainly for patients with various cancers and adult diseases. 

Above, we briefly learned about the function of immune police officer NK cells living in our body.


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