[Multivitamin Episode 1] If you want to know everything about multivitamins | Dr. Esther Lyuh

most consumed nutrients

The most popular nutritional supplement today is the multivitamin.

Typically, products that contain three or more vitamins and one or more minerals are called multivitamins. However, ingredients and content vary from maker to maker, and they are usually made with about 10 types of vitamins and minerals. The USDA recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruits for adults is 5 cups, or 1.2 liters. A multivitamin is a pill that concentrates only vitamins and minerals by removing the water and fiber from the large amount of vegetables and fruits you need to eat every day.  Multivitamins were first developed in the United States in the 1940s and are now taken regularly by more than 100 million Americans.

Let's find out everything about multivitamins, from why you should take multivitamins to who should take them.

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Esther Lyuh, Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Seoul National University