[Lactobacillus Efficacy] Combination of 4 strains to alleviate the side effects of antibiotics

[Lactobacillus Efficacy] Combination of 4 strains to alleviate the side effects of antibiotics

Key ingredients to alleviate antibiotic side effects

This content is health information about ingredients that are not directly related to a specific product .
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Recently, as concerns about infection related to the coronavirus have grown  , the point of excessive antibiotic prescription is receiving renewed attention. According to the OECD analysis data, the average use of antibiotics in Korea is 27.9 (DDD/1,000 persons/day), which is significantly higher than the OECD average of 20.5. Antibiotics have as many side effects as their excellent effects, so it is necessary to be wary of misuse and abuse.
Since antibiotics do not distinguish between beneficial and harmful harmful bacteria, antibiotics not only remove harmful bacteria that have entered the body, but  also kill all beneficial bacteria necessary to maintain intestinal balance . This disrupted intestinal balance causes secondary consequences such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. This is a result of the fundamental properties of antibiotics.
It is commonly known that lactic acid bacteria are  the main ingredients that alleviate the side effects of antibiotics . This is an effect derived from the process of beneficial bacteria improving the intestinal environment damaged by antibiotics. Just as there are different types of lactic acid bacteria, not all lactic acid bacteria have the same effect. For this reason, even in academia, efforts to identify bacteria that are specialized for the improvement of side effects of antibiotics have been steadily continuing. 
Lactobacillus Efficacy
In particular, I would like to briefly explain the well-known HOWARU RESTORE 4 types of mixed bacteria. This strain is a raw material from DuPont, one of the best mycelium in the world. HOWARU 4 types of mixed bacteria is evaluated as a strain with a particularly high level of evidence for its function in that there are independent papers of 4 types of mixed bacteria.
The combination of bacteria is very important as lactic acid bacteria have different functions and characteristics when one bacteria is added to another. 
"In particular, it was confirmed that the side effects were significantly reduced mainly due to the use of antibiotics, such as the incidence of diarrhea, the duration of diarrhea symptoms, and abdominal distension."
참고 논문 :  Arthur C Ouwehand 1Cai DongLian 2Xu Weijian 2Morgan Stewart 3Jiayi Ni 4Tad Stewart 5Larry E Mille   (2013) "Probiotics reduce symptoms of antibiotic use in a hospital setting: a randomized dose response study", Vaccine, 2014 Jan 16;32(4):458-63
This thesis is based on a trial conducted on 503 antibiotic patients for 5 months. In particular, this study belongs to one of the largest studies in relation to the side effects of antibiotics, and  is the only study that reviewed the response according to the dose of lactic acid bacteria . In particular, the thesis author explained that the intake of the HOWARU mixed strain reduces the side effects caused by antibiotics even in a small amount or is more effective in the high-dose group. However  , the improvement effect is not unconditionally proportional to the content, so it is important to consume an appropriate level, right?

The functions of lactic acid bacteria were briefly described above.

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