[Immunity BEST 5] Basic health, BEST 5 ingredients for immunity

[Immunity BEST 5] Basic health, BEST 5 ingredients for immunity

Top 5 nutrients that boost immunity

This content is health information about ingredients that are not directly related to a specific product .
BEST 5 FOR Immunity
1. Zinc
2. Vitamin D
3. Probiotics
4. Beta Glucan
5. Alkoxyglycerol

Hello. This is pharmacist Jinny.


After the global epidemic of infectious diseases, one of the changes in my daily life is that many people inquire about how to boost immunity. Compared to before, I think that many people consider 'immunity' as an urgent and important health problem.


As many of you know, the immune system is the body's health maintenance system , and it is a very important function of the body to identify and eliminate invaders from within our body. From an immunological point of view, all diseases are the result of an imbalance in the immune system . In addition, the immune system plays a role in maintaining healthy cells in the body, preventing the aging of cell tissues and maintaining body functions .


Furthermore, the immune system is difficult to call a serious disease, but it also plays a big role in maintaining a healthy overall quality of life by increasing resistance to many inflammatory, allergic, and viral diseases that continuously degrade our quality of life. .

But did you know that the immune system is constantly under threat in our daily life? In addition to viruses, everyday factors such as aging, stress, insufficient sleep, drinking and smoking in our body also continuously lower the immune system . Today, I would like to introduce 5 best nutrients that can help immunity .

1. Zinc

When it comes to nutrients good for immunity, many of you must have thought of 'zinc' first. Zinc is a structural component of over 200 bioenzymes and a component present in all cells . It is essential for regulating major metabolic processes and reactions in our body, including DNA synthesis, and is an essential nutrient for tissues with rapid cell turnover, such as the immune system [1].

For this reason , when zinc is insufficient , the whole process of the complex immune process from the initial response to infection is totally reduced. In particular , since cell division and proliferation are inhibited , the wound does not heal well and the skin becomes rough. In severe cases of zinc deficiency, gastrointestinal disorders such as dermatitis with blisters or pustules, alopecia, and diarrhea, as well as repeated infections due to decreased cell-mediated immunity [2].

In particular, the skin is the third most zinc-rich tissue in the body, and zinc deficiency has been associated with various skin diseases [3]. In addition, as a result of evaluating the effects of zinc intake on acne patients, it was confirmed that zinc intake reduced inflammatory acne [4].

As such, zinc is an essential nutrient for the smooth functioning of the immune system, and at the same time, it is a nutrient that you should pay attention to if you suffer from chronic skin troubles for no apparent reason . In particular, you need to be careful about the deficiency, so it is recommended to consume the recommended amount consistently.

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2. Vitamin D

The second nutrient that I will introduce to you is vitamin D. Dr. Esther Yeo has emphasized the importance of vitamin D so many times, I think many of you reading this article are already well aware of the importance of vitamin D for the immune system. However, since it is a very important nutrient for immunity, I would like to introduce even a short amount.

Of course, vitamin D is a nutrient that maintains the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood so that bone formation occurs smoothly. However, in recent decades, research on vitamin D in academia has focused on the relationship between the innate and adaptive immune systems and vitamin D, leading to the conclusion that vitamin D is essential for normal immune function [1]. 

As a result of vitamin D supplementation in 140 immunodeficient patients, the number of infectious diseases and pathogens and the use of antibiotics was significantly reduced [2]. It has been confirmed that the reduction rate of the response is significantly improved [3]. It has been confirmed that inflammatory factors produced by peripheral mononuclear cells are significantly reduced even when vitamin D is supplemented to healthy people [4].

As such , vitamin D is an essential nutrient for a normal immune response as an important stimulator of the immune system as well as the health of the skeletal system . In particular, as it is a nutrient lacking in Koreans, it is good to keep an eye on it for immunity.

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3. Probiotics

For probiotics, the functionality recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is 'helping intestinal health', but in fact, many people are taking them for immunity. It can be said that the purpose of intake is quite correct. In fact, it is the gut microbiome that is mentioned along with the four lifestyle habits of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress as a representative factor that affects the immune system .

The lymphocytes associated with the intestine are the largest in our body, and the mature lymphocytes of the intestinal mucosa are much more numerous than those distributed in the bone marrow. Numerous microorganisms that inhabit and pass through our intestines act as antigens, making the intestinal mucosa the front line of the systemic immune system. Intestinal microbes are known to induce secretion of antimicrobial peptides and activate the immune system through interaction with intestinal epithelial cells [1].

Among these gut microbes, probiotics are those that have beneficial effects on the human body. It has been continuously reported that the intake of probiotics helps in the improvement of various functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including acute viral gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). has been known [2].

In addition to improving gut health, probiotics can act as a protective agent against infections through the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, even if you do not have any particular problems with bowel movements, if you are prone to bloating after eating, or if you have chronic inflammation, it would be good to pay attention to probiotics.

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4. Beta Glucan

Earlier, we introduced ingredients that are familiar to us and can have a great effect on the immune system. The first is beta-glucan powder, a functional raw material that has been recognized for its immunity enhancement function by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety .

Beta-glucan, a type of polysaccharide in which glucose is linked by a beta bond, is a component usually found in the cell wall of yeast or mushrooms, and functions as a stimulant for the immune system that our body has innately . Since it is a component that is not originally present in our body, when beta-glucan is found in the body, our immune system recognizes it as an invasion and enters a state of alert [1].

What is unique here is that beta-glucan stimulates only the immune response and inhibits the inflammatory response [2]. So , it acts as a kind of booster that boosts the immune system . Accordingly, it not only improves immunity, but also improves infection symptoms in situations of severe physical exhaustion [3], exercise time until feeling lethargic and fatigue after exercise [4] and the like have been reported.

As such, beta-glucan is a kind of booster that acts on our immune system and can help improve fatigue and infections, especially in physically demanding situations, so it can be helpful in maintaining health in situations of fatigue caused by heavy work or schoolwork. there is. However, as beta-glucan is a non-degradable component, it is difficult to consume it meaningfully as a natural food, so it is desirable to consume it as a health functional food when selecting a product.

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5. Alkoxyglycerol

If the beta-glucan introduced earlier is a component that boosts immunity by acting as an 'external factor' in our body, the last ingredient to be introduced today, alkoxyglycerol, is an intrinsic defense factor of our body and plays an important role in the immune response of the body. no see. It is also being studied as an adjuvant treatment for the prevention of radiation diseases caused by chemotherapy and clinical studies related to the treatment of leukemia [1].


Alkoxyglycerol is mainly distributed in organs that produce blood such as bone marrow and liver in our body, and is abundantly contained in breast milk [2]. The representative food containing this ingredient is shark liver oil, which we are familiar with, and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognizes 'shark liver oil containing alkoxyglycerol' as a functional ingredient for enhancing immunity 


Alkoxyglycerol promotes hematopoiesis , increases the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow and immunoglobulin in the serum, and enhances phagocytosis and immune response to enhance our body's resistance [3] Alkoxyglycerol is more like a component that boosts the immune system itself, if it plays a role in helping it work smoothly .


Because of these characteristics, alkoxyglycerol has a number of clinical studies involving subjects with extremely weakened immunity, such as the elderly or patients before and after surgery [3]. These studies report suppression of postoperative complications [4] and improvement of patient survival rate and survival time [5] by ingestion of alkoxyglycerol .


As such, alkoxyglycerol is a defense factor that can help strengthen the immune system itself, and it can be said to be a suitable ingredient for the recovery of the body of the elderly and patients before and after surgery . In addition, there are a number of research reports [6] on antitumor activity, so those who have had a tumor or are repeatedly found should pay attention.


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Today, I introduced 5 ingredients for the basics of health and immunity. As mentioned at the beginning, immunity can be affected by everyday factors such as aging, stress, insufficient sleep, drinking and smoking of our body.Continuouslythreatened Please remember that a healthy lifestyle is just as important as nutrition for a healthy immune system .


I hope you have a healthy body and mind. More than that, it was Jinny.

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