[Elastin efficacy] Inner beauty TOP2 What is the real effect of elastin?

[Elastin efficacy] Inner beauty TOP2 What is the real effect of elastin?

Elastin efficacy
1. Improves skin elasticity, wrinkles, and blood flow
2. Controls breast drainage
3. Improve ligament function

Hello. This is Jinny, the pharmacist.

Just a few years ago, when you think of ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, you would have only thought of collagen. As the  skin-related benefits of elastin , the human body's elastic protein ,  have begun to be widely studied, elastin is also getting a lot of love. It is no exaggeration to say that it has now established itself as one of the top 2 inner beauty ingredients along with collagen.

However, even if it is popular, or rather, the more popular it is, the more you should study the ingredients carefully. Therefore, today, I  would like to summarize the typical benefits of elastin as well as the lesser-known ones.

1. Improving skin elasticity, wrinkles, and blood flow

The biggest reason why Elastin is loved is that consumers who have taken Elastin express high satisfaction, saying that it has helped with skin elasticity. In fact, various studies have reported elastin as a functional material for skin care, and  consistent results are being published that oral intake of elastin has a positive effect on the overall skin condition .

A study in 2015  summarized that bonito elastin hydrolyzate activates skin fibroblasts and has a beneficial effect on skin conditions, and reported the following results.

“Our double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrated improvements in skin elasticity, wrinkles, blood flow, and subjective assessments of skin condition by ingestion of elastin hydrolysate. ”
Reference paper: Shiratsuchi E, Nakaba M, Yamada M. (2015). Elastin hydrolysate derived from fish enhances proliferation of human skin fibroblasts and elastin synthesis in human skin fibroblasts and improves the skin conditions. J Sci Food Agric, 96(5):1672-7.
2. Suppression of Chest Drainage

Like collagen, elastin also accelerates decomposition with increasing age. Therefore, we gradually feel that the skin loses its elasticity. However, this sagging phenomenon does not only appear on the face. Because elastin is also distributed in a tissue called Cooper's ligament, which maintains the shape of the chest, especially women experience changes in the shape of their breasts as they enter middle age or after dieting.

In response, a 2016 study  studied the effect of oral intake of elastin on breast sagging (sagging) and reported the following.

“From these results, it was suggested that intake of elastin suppresses breast drainage and improves breast height by diet. Based on the results of chest skin elasticity measurement, the recovery rate of chest skin elasticity in the elastin 75 mg and 37.5 mg groups after 8 weeks of intake was significantly improved, but there was no significant change in the placebo group."
Reference paper: 白土絵理. (2016). 健常な日本人女性を対象としたカツオ由来elastinepeptidoneyorudietshinobustlower垂抑制及Bast皮膚弾性改善作用. Functional food and medical science, 10(3):131-138.
3. Improve ligament function

The effect of oral intake of elastin is not limited to skin elasticity. Elastin is also distributed in many other tissues that require elasticity, such as the aortic wall and ligaments .

Therefore, various studies are being accumulated regarding the effects of elastin on blood vessel and ligament functions. A 2015 study reported  that taking elastin could relieve pain by improving ligament function in subjects with knee joint pain .

" JKOM questionnaire results (Fig. 3), Knee pain score in "Knee pain" and "Knee pain and stiffness" by visual analogue scale (VAS), "State of daily life", and "Usual activities" For the sum (the higher the worse), there was improvement over time in the elastin and elastin+glucosamine groups, and a significant improvement compared to the placebo group was confirmed after 12 weeks. "
Reference paper: Eri Shiratsuchi, Naoki Mizutani, Masahiro Hasegawa, Keiichi Miyamoto. (2015). Effects of Skipjack Tuna–Derived Elastin Peptide on Knee Protector Ligament Injury and Knee Joint Pain, glucosamine salts, 11:39-45.

Today , we learned about Elastin , which has become the absolute powerhouse of inner beauty  . Even if it's already too famous like Elastin, or if it's an ingredient that people around you strongly recommend, I recommend you to study it at least once before you try it yourself.

I hope you have a healthy day in body and mind. It was Jinny.

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