[Efficacy of sprouted barley] If you are afraid of getting older, check out 3 effects of sprouted barley

[Efficacy of sprouted barley] If you are afraid of getting older, check out 3 effects of sprouted barley

If you are afraid of aging,

Pay attention to 'this'

Sprout Barley Effect
1. Cholesterol improvement 
02. Anti-inflammatory
03. Liver Damage Protection
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hello. This is pharmacist Jinny.
As you enter middle age, many of you may be worried about visceral fat, which is concentrated in the abdomen. It gradually increases year by year, so it is also called ' night fat' .

The reason I keep gaining weight even though I haven't eaten is because my basal metabolic rate is generally lowered due to hormonal changes and a decrease in muscle mass with age. This increased visceral fat causes metabolic syndrome, and in severe cases, various cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, today, we would like to learn about 'Sprout Barley' , a gift from nature that can help in various ways with symptoms and diseases related to aging .

01.  Cholesterol level improvement
Metabolic syndrome refers to a condition in which three or more of the five factors are present: high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia, low HDL cholesterol, and abdominal obesity. Of these, HDL cholesterol, unlike LDL cholesterol, plays a role in preventing arteriosclerosis, so the higher the level, the better the health.
A 2003 paper published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition reported that the consumption of sprouted barley increased HDL cholesterol and decreased total and LDL cholesterol 

“This study showed that supplementing with 15 g of BL (barley sprout extract) daily for 4 weeks significantly decreased plasma TC (total cholesterol) and LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and HDL-C (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) concentrations. It proves that there has been an increase.”
Reference papers :  Y u, YM., Chang, WC., Liu, CS. et al (2003). Effect of young barley leaf extract and adlay on plasma lipids and LDL oxidation in hyperlipidemic smokers. Plant Foods Hum Nutr 58, 1–8.

02.  Anti-inflammatory
Did you know that visceral fat also secretes inflammatory substances? In this regard, the reason that sprouted barley has received widespread attention as a health material for middle-aged people is thanks to saponarin, a natural anti-inflammatory agent abundantly contained in sprouted barley.

In 2014, in Food & Function, a study was reported in which domestic researchers revealed the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of saponarin .

“These results suggest that SA (saponarin) extracted from sprouted barley exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on lipopolysaccharide-induced RAW 264.7 macrophages through inhibition of NF-κB, ERK and p38 signaling. Therefore, SA (saponarin) may be a promising natural anti-inflammatory agent.”
Reference Papers:  SEO K yung Hye, RA Ji-Eun , PARK Mi Jin , HAN Sang-Ik , NAM Min-Hee , SHIM Eun-Young , PARK JiYoung , SEO Woo Duck. (2014). Saponarin from barley sprouts inhibits NF-κB and MAPK on LPS-induced RAW 264.7 cells. Food & Function, 535-535.

03.  Liver Damage Protection
The reason the liver is called the 'silent organ' is because it doesn't feel any abnormalities until more than 70% of the liver is damaged by viruses, alcohol, fat, or drugs. Therefore, liver health should be managed through lifestyle habits and periodic check-ups. 

As academic studies on the effects of sprouted barley on lipid metabolism and inflammation control have been accumulating, this year's Antioxidants published a paper on  the effects of sprouted barley on liver damage in habitual alcoholics with fatty liver .

“These findings suggest that administration of BSE (Barley Sprout Extract) can protect against liver damage by reducing oxidative stress and altering metabolism in habitual alcoholics with fatty liver disease.”
References:  Park H, Lee E, Kim Y, Jung HY, Kim KM, Kwon O (2021). Metabolic Profiling Analysis Reveals the Potential Contribution of Barley Sprouts against Oxidative Stress and Related Liver Cell Damage in Habitual Alcohol Drinkers. Antioxidants. 10(3), 459.

Today , we learned about the various effects of sprouted barley through research . For more fundamental visceral fat management, do not forget that diet management and steady aerobic exercise must be combined.
I hope you have a healthy body and mind. More than that, it was Jinny. 
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