[Efficacy of alkoxyglycerol] Anti-cancer therapy? 3 Benefits of Alkoxyglycerol Shark Liver Oil

[Efficacy of alkoxyglycerol] Anti-cancer therapy? 3 Benefits of Alkoxyglycerol Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil of memories, it is a greater ingredient than I thought

Effects of shark liver oil containing alkoxyglycerol
1. Antitumor
2. Control of postoperative complications
3. Boosts immunity

This is Jinny, the pharmacist.

Do you remember the shark liver oil that was used in every house in the past? The first nutritional supplement I saw as a child was shark liver oil . I only remember how big the capsules were. Shark liver oil of memories is a nutritional supplement that has been around for a long time, so it is rather easy to neglect than the latest ingredients. In fact, shark liver oil is a raw material that has been used clinically for a long time as an auxiliary treatment and preventive agent. 

Shark liver oil, known to have been consumed by fishermen in Norway and Sweden since ancient times to improve health , began to attract attention from the academic world in 1922 when the existence of 'alkoxyglycerol', a key ingredient, was reported . In the early days, clinical studies were attempted in relation to leukemia treatment, and recently, it is being studied as an adjuvant treatment to prevent radiation disease caused by chemotherapy .

[Source] Pugliese, PT, Jordan, K., Cederberg, H., & Brohult, J. (1998). Some biological actions of alkylglycerols from shark liver oil. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 4(1), 87-99.

Based on these academic research results, Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognizes shark liver oil, which contains more than 18% of alkoxyglycerol as a key ingredient, as ' shark liver oil containing alkoxyglycerol ' , a functional raw material for enhancing immunity. 

Today, we will take a look at the representative efficacy of shark liver oil containing alkoxyglycerol, which is a more powerful ingredient than expected.

1. Anti-tumor

A tumor refers to an overproliferation of cells with autonomy that has deviated from the body's regulatory mechanism. It is easy to understand that cells proliferate pathologically and create physiologically meaningless tissues. Myomas, which are relatively easy to recover, are classified as benign tumors, and cancers and sarcomas with high mortality are classified as malignant tumors. 

Therefore , antitumor activity is evaluated as having potential for cancer treatment. In a 2013 study report based on the results of previous studies that alkoxyglycerol-containing shark liver oil can inhibit tumor growth, the antitumor effect of shark liver oil intake was confirmed , and the authors present the conclusions of the study as follows.

"Shark liver oil exhibited significant antitumor effects in vivo. These results suggest that chronic supplementation with shark liver oil may support anticancer therapy."
Reference paper Iagher, F., de Brito Belo, SR, Souza, WM, Nunes, JR, Naliwaiko, K., Sassaki, GL, ... & Fernandes, LC (2013). Antitumor and anti-cachectic effects of shark liver oil and fish oil: comparison between independent or associative chronic supplementation in Walker 256 tumor-bearing rats. Lipids in health and disease, 12(1), 1-9.
2. Inhibition of postoperative complications

Just as red ginseng has been consumed in Korea for hundreds of years before the function of red ginseng was scientifically identified, it is known that Scandinavia and other countries have been consuming shark liver oil for wound healing and health promotion for a long time. As the various benefits of consuming shark liver oil with alkoxyglycerol have been scientifically identified, the benefits related to 'wound healing' have also been scientifically explored. 

A paper published in Marine Drugs in 2014 conducted a human application test on whether intake of shark liver oil could affect recovery when elderly people (bodies with very poor resilience) undergo surgical operations (severe level of trauma). In this study, it was confirmed that the incidence of postoperative complications in the group treated with shark liver oil was significantly reduced .

"In the group administered with alkoxyglycerol-containing shark liver oil, the incidence of complications was reduced, and compliance with natural treatment was excellent without serious side effects. ... Twice a day before surgical treatment for effective control of leukocyte and soluble immune reactivity. , suggest taking 500 mg of shark liver oil."
Reference paper: Palmieri, B., Pennelli, A., & Di Cerbo, A. (2014). Jurassic surgery and immunity enhancement by alkyglycerols of shark liver oil. Lipids in Health and Disease, 13(1), 1-5.
3. Boosts immunity

Including the studies introduced earlier, it has been shown that the antitumor and complication-inhibiting benefits of alkoxyglycerol-containing shark liver oil appear through immune-enhancing mechanisms. It has been found that intake of alkoxyglycerol-containing shark liver oil increases lymphocytes and leukocytes, which play a major role in cellular immunity, especially T cells and neutrophils.

However, since most of the research has been done in test tubes or patients, it has also been studied whether these benefits are the same for 'healthy people'. In 2010, the results of a human application test of shark liver oil targeting healthy adults were reported to the academic world .

"This study demonstrates that shark liver oil is a safe, effective and innate immune adjuvant with no side effects. This compound is a harmless and effective agent that normalizes immune imbalance and can be effectively used in people with compromised immune systems."
Reference paper: Iannitti, T., & Palmieri, B. (2010). An update on the therapeutic role of alkylglycerols. Marine Drugs, 8(8), 2267-2300. 

Today, we looked at shark liver oil, an ingredient that suggests daily intake in many studies because it has various benefits from immunity enhancement to antitumor, and no side effects have been reported. However, when ingesting, it is more advantageous to choose shark liver oil, a health functional food whose content of alkoxyglycerol has been confirmed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as the main variable controlled in research reports is 'alkoxyglycerol'.

I hope you have a healthy day in body and mind. It was Jinny.

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