[Effect of Seanol] If you are worried about mask trouble, the natural antibacterial agent Seanol

[Effect of Seanol] If you are worried about mask trouble, the natural antibacterial agent Seanol

What if you have skin problems after wearing a mask? Pay attention to 'this ingredient'.

This content is health information about ingredients that are not directly related to a specific product .
Efficacy of Ecklonia
1. Anti-bacterial
2. Acne improvement
3. Skin cell protection from UV rays
Hello. A pharmacist who reads a dissertation.
Have you heard of the newly coined 'Maskne' that has been used recently? This new word is a compound word of 'Mask' and 'Acne' and  refers to skin problems that occur after wearing a mask. 
The high humidity inside the mask makes it easy for bacteria to multiply.  On the other hand, the skin in contact with the skin loses moisture from the  skin to the skin, making it vulnerable to external stimuli. It can be said that it is the optimal condition for skin troubles to occur.
At this time when you cannot take off the mask, we would like  to  introduce a natural antibacterial agent for skin health in the mask  It is the  Ecklonia chamomile extract (seinol) 
1. Antibacterial
As reports have been accumulating that  E. Ecklonia extract has strong antibacterial activity against harmful marine bacteria,  whether this antibacterial activity also acts on pathogens has become  a topic of great interest in academia.

Amid this interest, the  2002 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  reported the results of examining  the antimicrobial activity of Ecklonia extract against pathogens as follows.
" The results obtained in this study suggest that the E. Ecklonia extract  exhibits bactericidal activity against pathogenic bacteria. "
Reference papers: Nagayama, K., Iwamura, Y., Shibata, T., Hirayama, I., & Nakamura, T. (2002). Bactericidal activity of phlorotannins from the brown alga Ecklonia kurome. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 50(6), 889-893.
2. Acne improvement
As reports have accumulated that  Ecklonia extract has antibacterial activity against pathogens as well as harmful marine bacteria,  studies examining antibacterial activity against bacteria such as acne bacilli  have continued.

In 2014, Botanical Sciences  published a research report  examining  the antibacterial action of Ecklonia extract against Pro pionibacterium acnes  . This study suggests the applicability of Ecklonia cava extract  for the improvement of skin troubles as follows  .
" These results suggest that Ecklonia extract has  antibacterial activity against acne bacteria  and can be useful as a natural additive for anti-acne cosmetics and pharmaceuticals  . "
Reference papers: Choi, JS, Lee, K., Lee, BB, Kim, YC, Kim, YD, Hong, YK, ... & Choi, IS (2014). Antibacterial activity of the phlorotannins dieckol and phlorofucofuroeckol-A from Ecklonia cava against Propionibacterium acnes. Botanical Sciences, 92(3), 425-431.
3. Protect skin cells from UV rays
What worries me as much as trouble is  the damage to the skin caused by UV rays. As it is an E. Ecklonia extract that has attracted attention for  its antibacterial and antioxidant properties,  a hypothesis has been raised in academia that Ecklonia extract  can  improve skin damage caused by UV rays  .

In 2014, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin  published a research report examining the level of  cellular protection of various components of E. Ecklonia extract  from oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet (UVB) radiation  .
" These results suggest that E. coli extract  protects keratinocytes of human skin from UVB-induced oxidative stress,  thereby reducing damage to cellular components. "
Reference papers: Piao, MJ, Lee, NH, Chae, S., & Hyun, JW (2012). Eckol inhibits ultraviolet B-induced cell damage in human keratinocytes via a decrease in oxidative stress. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 35(6), 873-880.
Above, we have looked at the  Ecklonia extract (Sinol) , which has been verified by the academic community  . At this time when you can't take off the mask,  I hope you take care of your skin a little more. 
I hope you have a healthy body and mind. More than that, it was Jinny.
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